There’s a needy girl

that needs to be needed

by someone she needs.



That’s one needy story of a needy one who needs to write a needy expression.


Thank You Bear

Tonight I randomly went to Big Bad Wolf book sale (or expo?) at Surabaya.


This book randomly caught my attention, and it was a really quick read.

But its simplicity moved my heart.


What is it about?


Warning! Spoiler ahead!


It is about a bear who found a little box. Simple, small-sized, empty cardboard.

The Bear saw that and he thought that the box will be perfect for the Mouse.


Along his way to find the Mouse,

He met a lot of “people”.

(Animals, actually. But they did too much of unnecessary comments – just like we people)


The Elephant said the box was too small.

The Monkey said …..



I forgot who said what,

The Bear met the Owl, Elephant, Monkey, Squirrel, etc.

But no one said positive things about the box.



The Bear starting to doubt his early enthusiasm about this box.


Seems like a familiar situation in our life, right?

(Gatau kenapa buku anak kok mellow bener yak….)


Fortunately the book still brings the happy ending!

Finally, in the middle of the Bear’s anxiety (haha- lebay),

The Mouse came up and appreciated that little box!

The Mouse was very happy, and said “Thank you, Bear!”


The end.



Other LittleSteffi’s (hopefully positive) comments:

This is my first book review after hundreds of years.

Aku terpanggil.


I like the metaphors in this short book.

(It is really short, takes no more than 45 seconds to finish reading it, but it lingers in my heart)

I love how the Bear endures all that comments from many perspectives, even though no one has the same perspective as he is (except the Mouse).

In real life, lots of time, I doubt my own decision, because my surrounding seems like disagree with my opinion.

But sometimes (most of the times), no one (including myself!) really knows me, my endless streams of thought.

But myself is my best shot,

and my closest people are my second best shot & my safety nets.

Thank you, YOUs!


And one more thing.

Too many times,

I am in the position that gives inconsiderate comments.


Sorry for all the people that ever heard my un-thoughtful feedback.

Maybe the best way to tackle those comments is to think that, “they don’t really know – they don’t really understand – they just have different life & thus different point of view – they don’t mean to hurt us & belittle us”


In the end, obstacles will always be there along the way, it is the normal thing!


Harapannya adalah, semoga jumlah ide yang tumbang sebelum berkembang tidak semakin banyak.


Doakan saya kuat ya.


Good night!

Dearest You

Apakah angan tentang angin ini terdengar olehmu?

Mungkin tidak.

Sejak waktu itu kita bersatu menjadi dua, bukan?

Tapi toh bersama dalam ruang berbeda sudah cukup bagiku.



From 850km away.



P.S: (This was actually a note for the small gift I hope can make your day more convenient. Apparently the paper was gone so I rewrote the message here)