After all

And after all the storms have gone,

After all the angers have been vanished,

After all the tears run dry,


what’s left after all

is only love.


And my heart would say that it might be enough.


At least for now.


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It just comes unexpected,

Like a cold wind in the summer,

Like a thunder in the middle of the quiet ocean,

Or simply just like a little stone in your spoon of soup..



In your comfort zone and safe place,

It is really unexpected, how things can ruined, just like that..

Good Night, my Dearest


All I want is only to wish you to have a really good sleep,

and a wish to be able to still see you the next morning.


Because nothing lasts forever, right?


And the hopeless romantic in me, really don’t want to miss even one night.


Haha. Cheesy. Bhay.


So, good night!


And this post is designed to last forever,

so you can re-read it as much as you can ❤



Too Much?

Is it okay,

to think too much,

and prevent myself to feel?


clearly, not okay it is!


but it is sometimes how I should spend this life,

it is sometimes what it takes to make rational decision,

it is sometimes the way to extend my capabilities,



who says we should spend our life the way “we should”?

who says we should always make rational decisions?

who says we have to be so strong?



such a contradiction.


good night!